I’ve always loved the look of the Hollywood glamour of the 1940’s and how elegant and sophisticated those women were.  I had the opportunity to develop an entire shoot for Little White Dress to help showcase 6 stunning wedding gowns that Jenny carries there.  What better way to do it than to go full on glam?!  This concept took some amazing people to pull off, and I want to thank the Noriega House for providing our gorgeous backdrop, Mike Lopez of M329 Photography for guiding me through the lighting needed (he’s amazing, y’all check out his work or attend the photography class he’s giving on the 21st for NOR http://m329.com/landing/!), Juliane & Paige for modeling these beautiful gowns, and Jenna Olson from the Contere salon & Keasha Brickell from the Glitz Salon for the beautiful period hair and makeup!  Also, in Wednesday’s post you’ll see 3 more gowns and Peter Wonderly’s absolutely gorgeous white Bentley! So stay tuned, and get excited to see these images blown up on the walls of The Little White Dress!

Jenna & Juliane getting ready!

Getting ready in the awesome makeup room at Noriega house! L to R Jenny, Jenna, Juliane, Keasha, and Paige.  Thanks ladies!!

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