Accepting February Applications Now!

Hello fellow photographers out there!  I know I’ve spoken to a few of you about February sessions, so I wanted to make an announcement that I am now accepting a maximum of 3 mentoring opportunities for next month.  I feel so excited about the ladies I’ve worked with and are currently working with.  It’s an honor and I’m loving digging into their businesses and working with them to define how to take it to the next level, how to get it off the ground and hopefully helping skip some of the major mistakes we see a happening in this business!  If you have any quesitons, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Also, please allow me to share two testimonials from ladies whom I recently worked with and I admire and am so excited to see what happens in 2012 for their businesses!


I just wanted to say thank you for your willingness to work with me over the past month.  Our weekly meetings helped give me the motivation, encouragement, and accountability that I needed in order to take my photography to the next level.  You are super sweet and very talented and I hope I’m half as good as you someday! 😉  Thanks again for all you’ve done!


Jessica Frey…..what an amazing business woman, photographer, friend and mentor she is!!  I have been following Jessica the last 2 years and the day I saw that she was going to offer Mentoring Session I knew my photography business was going to change, of course for the better! So of course, I signed up as fast as I could! From the start Jessica was such a sweet person.  I have learned so much from Jessica that I wasn’t doing for my business and now I know why I feel like I have been struggling.  This coming year there are going to be a lot of new changes for my photography business and learning to balance my personal life with my business. For anyone that is in that “spot” that I was I would highly suggest mentoring with Jessica Frey! Thank you Jessica for sharing your knowledge of this business and your willingness to help others such as myself with it!


Photography By Heather