Wedding Photography workshop

This is one of my major “WHY” moments of my passion for my job.  As a full time wedding photographer, I get to capture the happiest day of a couple’s life as they come together as one and make promises to one another to be there in good times and in bad.  For better or for worse. Forever 🙂  This is what it’s all about.

I’ve been inspired lately through the mentor programs I did earlier this year to take it another step.  I am so excited to start working on developing a wedding styled shoot/mini-workshop for photographers looking to improve their wedding photography skills & get some practice in.  How to anchor and capture emotion on a hectic day.  How to effectively ‘direct’ your couples on their wedding day.  How to naturally pose without posing.  Plus we’ll throw a little branding and marketing in there to help you discover and define your unique style – with some expertise in the design and branding field from Jennifer Williams.

Details are coming soon – it’ll be on a Sunday in April or May and I can’t wait to make the full announcement soon!

Have a wonderful week – and check back next week to view the rest of this beautiful couple – Adam & Jenny!!