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March 10, 2012

Freyday – Behind the Scenes Video of Sleeping Beauty

What’s it like behind the madness of bringing a fairy tale idea to life?

Is Jessica really funny?

How did we get the shots you saw this week?  (Missed it?! Shame!  Visit the Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale shoot HERE and the Sleeping Beauty inspired wedding shoot HERE )

***Eric made this amazing 13min. behind the scenes video for you guys, but due to some technical dificulties we’re going to save it for Monday’s blog post!***

So in the meantime, happy Freyday – enjoy some images I did grab before and during the shoot!

Here’s a few shots of the ‘getting ready’ – starting off with my hubby creating a canopy for me and painting it gold!  Thought these looked super cool….baby, you rock!

My right hand man….camera guy, idea guy – love of my life.  

Give a man a sword and he’ll fight bees.  Teach a man to use a sword and he’ll slay a dragon.  Well done boys.


Kevin and Desirae took my vision and all the props we’d collected and were AMAZING — they set up this entire bed while I was shooting the Fairy Tale/spinning wheel photos.  Could. Not. Have. Done. This. Without. Them.  Seriously, amazing friends who gave up their entire afternoon to help! Love them and so grateful to have them in our lives 😉

Kevin blocking the sun for me 😉

And a finale shot of me with the fabulous Jordyn and her awesome man, Cam!

What do you think of these Fairy Tale shoots?  Wanna guess which one is next?!

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