Hi everyone!   Whew, another year – another WPPI come and gone.  This was my 3rd year to attend the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographers International conference in Las Vegas and it was amazing!  I’ve honestly felt that if you don’t leave mentally and physically exhausted, you didn’t do it right.  Between the classes, trade show, photo shoots, gatherings, dinners I was up every morning between 5am and 6:30am and going strong until 10pm-2am!  No wonder I got sick and feel like a truck hit me yesterday and today!  If you are a photographer and you’re thinking maybe you should attend next year – do it.  It’s an amazing experience full of photographers who share their wisdom, teach and so many opportunities for you to grow in areas you want.

I absolutely loved seeing old friends, having amazing conversations over some pretty darn good food, meeting new friends, planking like it was 2009 – and and I can’t wait to start putting into practice some of the things I’ve learned for all of my amazing clients!!

 Roomies 2012

Roomies 2011

Watching Karen give her talk at BRI!  Congrats woman!

Newport Reunion at Mike Colon’s platform class 😉

Sunrise photo shoot with the amazing Justin & Mary Marantz!! Mary working it out:

A shot I got of our fabulous couple:

Such a sweet giving woman – thank you Mary for all of your wisdom and kindness!!

Zach & Jody’s Platform class:

I also attended their coffee talk/workshop and 1) had the most amazing coffee in the world.  Zach is a master barista and 2) learned a ton!

Our beautiful couple:

One of the shots we worked with to learn off camera lighting:

….and then it got cra cra.  I love that my roomies were silly with me and we decided to plank like it was 2009.  Yes, this happened.  Yes, we planted a photographer to help us capture it.

Enjoyed an AMAZING meal and AMAZING conversation with my bestie at NYNY – pork belly macaroni and cheese, creamy yummy mashed potatoes – and a filet mignon.  Does it get better?!

Oh yeah, it gets better…finished off our WPPI with a trip to Nine Fine Irishmen to listen to some great music and get a little step dancing in! 😉


If you’re still with me, you’re in for 2 treats!  First, a video was made to showcase WPPI by an amazingly talented team called Still Motion.  They followed Justin & Mary around and you’ll see me in the video at our sunrise shoot in my Texas A&M sweatshirt!

4 people, 1 story. This is my WPPI. from stillmotion on Vimeo.

And since I love you guys – I brought home 2 extra bags that Shootsac was handing out each day – I got to work the booth again with some fabulous Shootsac people and trust me, there was a line wrapping around to get a hold of these!

I’m going to do 2 random selections for winners and I’ll either ship it to you or you can stop by and pick it up – winners will be announced on Monday!


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